Tools To slice data

R, Python, Hadoop.  These are the tools of today's Data Scientists.  We use these and many more to slice and dice data. 

We cut through data, shape it, relate it, model it and then predict it.  We move fast and get the order out the door.

The oven

tools to cook data

Crawlers, feeds, Natural Language Processing (NLP), streaming.  This is how you make Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning actionable. 

We make it real, constant and flowing into the rest of your system for high-level impact - day after day, or millisecond by millisecond.


tools to consume data

It's one thing to have predictions in the background, it another to see them at work and use them real-time. 

We always package and present Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning into useable apps so you can ask questions, mull it over and decide.