Here is a demo application for searching and analyzing news.  It's a simple idea.  What is written about a company, the good and the bad, impacts it's stock.   First you'll see IBM come up as a default.  After that add your own search and company stock symbol.  Don't just search on a company.  Search on a topic and see how concepts in the news might seem to lift or depress a stock.  And use the stock symbol search link to find a stock symbol for a sector rather than an individual stock.  Mix and match as you please.  Also try adjusting the stock data range to match the dates of the news - then the two charts and their relationship should become clearer. 

With this demo you get a sense of the power of data analytics' to understand how one thing affects another and how to take advantage of the new understanding.  To get started just click on the image below to get there or click here.