We made the list on Data Science Central's "21 Great Big Data Graphs" for their communication power (being able to quickly tell a powerful message with a simple visual), rather than out of artistic qualities. Ours is the Patent Analysis pic - though not properly attributed to us - Big Data Lens does this all the time. 

Simple 2 dimensional sorting and grouping can be a powerful way to see connections for similarities and differences.  In the example given (though the data labels are not real to protect the client) the effort looks at where patten claims are the same (where the same items cluster) between two companies vs where they are different (where the items do not cluster).

This kind of visualization gives insight even before any machine learning begins.  In fact it can help set the stage for the type or analysis to conduct, the variables to include or not include, generate ideas for additional data collection and so on.  In this sense the analytical work becomes much more focused and takes less time. 

Visualizations are about telling the story.  But they are also about good data science - before, in the middle and at the end of the process.