Now there is a mouthful.  The "Zero Moment of Truth".  Or ZMOT.  It all started with Consumer Products giant Procter & Gamble who coined the term "First Moment of Truth" born of research they did suggesting shoppers make up their minds on a purchase within 3-7 seconds of looking at brands on a store shelf.  Not a lot of time to make an impression.  So better make it right. 

Not to be outdone, the big brainy guys at Google went one to the left in digital terms to come up with what happens even before you get to the store.  That is the ZMOT.  Turns out this important stuff.  Once an impression is formed consumers stick with it.  They are harder to get to change their mind then to get them to make up their mind in the first place.  So Zero is higher than First. 

Back to the geeky stuff and you discover the importance of good Big Data and Predictive Analytics practice.  Without it there is no ZMOT.  Or more succinctly, no accurate impression based on consumer's needs, desires, wants, etc.  Knowing as much as you can about the customer before choosing the message to put in front of them has power and power that lasts.  

If you make consumer products of any type your brand, it's image and what it portrays is your life blood.  Know how to make sure each opportunity to influence the shopper is used wisely.