Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world with 202 million people.  Its a fantastic place for food, culture, business and sport.  The World Cup of Football (soccer to us Americans) is running there now for a month.  The summer Olympics are next summer.  No rest for the weary in between, Presidential elections begin in earnest in July and end in October. 

Like the US, keeping tabs on the public mood when it comes to politics is a tough task.  So many people, a vast territory, and therefore many opinions.  Surveys are costly and take time.  By the time the traditional survey is complete it may be obsolete. 

Digital measure of mood, sentiment, desires, suggestions etc. however is done in real time.  This Big Data analysis from social media forms a supplement to traditional surveys.  But it can also be done from publications.  And then sorted by state, time or other dimensions. 

We pulled this together to keeps tabs on the presidential elections in Brazil.  The result an application that makes the allocation of electioneering resources quick and responsive.  A couple of the hour-by-hour mood trackers by parties and candidates are shown below.  

Now imagine doing the same to track how customers feel about your products, services, brands, and then being as fast a World Cup footballer in changing direction, get around a competitor and scoring a goal.