We added a demo to our site today.  Finally.  It takes a long time to agree and then build a demo application that highlights the core of what you are and what you do.  Plus we have to satisfy customers in the meantime.

But today we launched SNAP - Social News Analysis Platform.  See it under the new demo tab.  There you add one or more search terms just like any search engine.  Using the slide bar you can ask for more or less results by the number of days backwards to look.  Click Search and SNAP not just fetches what you are looking for but analyzes it. 

This is what a Whole New Web looks like.  What do 1,267 look like?  What do that many web pages, news stories, social media contributions tell you?  How are things related?  Where are things happening in total?  What are people talking about categorically?  Who is society are things affecting?  And how to do they feel about?

All of that was always present in the way in which you used the web.  But now you can see it.  And use it.  So go ahead.  Search and destroy the boundaries that made the web difficult to use.  Go ahead and use SNAP. 

Then tell us what you think.  We'd love to hear from you and make improvements.