Many so-called experts have trouble telling you what Big Data is.  There has yet to emerge a standard definition.  Some try to describe it as as being three-dimensional as in 3Vs - meaning data that has a Volume so large it cannot be processed by traditional database or processing tools, or the Velocity of the data (what is added or subtracted from a dataset) that again traditional tools could not keep up, and the final V being Variety of data that traditional systems have trouble handling.  More recently analysts have added a fourth V for Virtual - to distinguish data that is online as opposed to data an organization already has captured or owns.  

No matter what definition you subscribe too we thought looking at Big Data in action - at least in a raw form) can bring to life these abstractions.  Take a look at the short video below of the real time tweets about iPhones on the left and Android on the right.  Then ask yourself if this flow of data meets the 3-4 Vs described above.  Sure looks like Big Data to us.

Then leave us a note on how you might guess we would capture and process this Big Data into something useful and impactful.  Since in the end, after watch the data flow by your eyes for 38 seconds you start to go cross-eyed.  Big Data Lens is here to prevent that.