A landscape is a fashionable thing in the tech world these days.  It is an attempt to put all important players and their contribution to the ecosystem into a single picture.  We found a couple of these recently online for Big Data.  One of these is below.

We cannot for the life of us figure out if a landscape like this is needed because a complicated Big Data ecosystem needs some 'splaining or if such a complicated landscape is meant to impress.  The cynic in us says both. 

Our read on landscapes like this are two fold.  One it says the industry is not mature.  So caution lots of consolidation ahead.  But, two, much more importantly, if you are a newbie to Big Data this picture is going to scare the hell out of you.  You'll retreat to the safety of your BI intelligence tools (which you could argue don't belong on any Big Data landscape) and never give Big Data a try.  To complex.  Methods aren't yet formed.  Too much trial and error and no real ROI yet.  The boss will give any budget to buy from this spaghetti western.   So a landscape really doesn't advance Big Data into the mainstream.  

At Big Data Lens we take a different approach.  We try to provide an end to end service that takes the worry and hassle out of data design, data acquisition, data massage, data analytics, data prediction and in the end the production of VALUE from Big Data.

Ignore scary landscapes.  Stick to simple steps with simple tools.  That is how you get value from Big Data.